In game music Eve : Valkyrie - She's Gone

So, finally some of the in game music has been released online.

The first is from the prologue of the game...

I was keen to at first capture the space...if that makes any sense :) the great part of the narrative behind this part of the game was that is builds very slowly so I had plenty of time with each little motif and could add layer after layer to build the drama as the story unfolds.

The vocals were performed by Ruth Lackenby-Jones. And I think the performance helped  produce a more human and emotional feel over the synthetic backdrop. In some ways the vocal melody mirrors the emotional experience of Ran (Katee Sachoff), the leader of a team of fighter pilots throughout out the prologue.

I think I managed to get a nice juxtaposition of the dreamy / ethereal piano and the ominous bass line that grows in intensity throughout the whole track. Although the opening is very 'safe' in nature I always felt there should be something sinister bubbling in the background.

The percussion that grows in the send half of the piece is obviously the 'alert' ....a call to war if you like! And it's not just a small problem, we're talking problems of epic proportions. So the scale of the orchestral drums needed to represent that.

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