Music composed for the 'Hub' EVE: Valkyrie

The next life pt1 Is based around the theme tune for EVE : Valkrie. The Hub is where you can pick your weapons of choice, navigate thorgh the different levels or just look out of the clear skylight into the most incredible VR space scene.

So the music had to feel expansive whist carrying some story from the game. The Hub is futuristic, post apocalyptic and otherworldly, so the percussion is dark and grinding whilst the melody has an element of sadness.....this is not the next life for no reason!

There also needed to be a feeling of awe and cinema - this is the focal point of the game. So although this music is meant to be in the background I felt it needed to remind the player why they were in there.

Pt 2 was to fill in the time that a player might be simply looking at the vast 'eye candy' that surrounds you in the hub. I liked the idea that it could feel very ethereal - this was me staring into space if you like :)

I left alyer of synthetic voices in the background...or they started that way and gradually became a bit more warped, but I felt it almost had a feeling of some sort of clone trying to talk or sing in the background. The Opera style vocal was a great juxtaposition to the industrial percussion, reminding me that there were people before the clones!