Eve Valkyrie Soundtrack - Under the Gun

Eve Valkyrie soundtrack

Over the last year I have talked lots of times with the guys at CCP about doing a soundtrack album for Valkyrie. We decided that rather than doing a one off release it would be nice to try and do something like 1 a month until all of the music had been used. but more than that, rather than just putting out music that was as it appeared in the game. We wanted to try and make the interactive music work better as tracks in their own right. I find in some cases (not all) when listening to game soundtracks that without the game to follow the music can feel a little directionless, so I wanted to try at least not to let that happen with the EVE Valkyrie soundtrack.

They guys at CCP wanted to get a track out in time for the fan fest that has just happened over in Iceland. So we decided to use the music from the Team Death match level. This became the track 'Under the Gun' 

If you have no idea what team death match is about...then here's a bit of background

Each of the two teams involved in a Deathmatch has a pool of available pilot clones. Each time you or a teammate dies and respawns, a clone

is removed from the remaining total.

If you manage to wipe out the opposing team’s clone pool or have more clones left when the timer runs out you claim victory.


I was keen to get some input from CCP, the developers there are so heavily invested in the game that they always have some really insightful points of view on the music, so Sound designer Ash Reid worked on the new arrangement with me.

We brought in some extra musicians as well to again bring something new to the table from the in game version.

Tom Bacon, Drummer. Tom works for D’Darrio http://www.daddario.com/DaddarioSplash.Page?ActiveID=1740 and having worked with me before was more than happy to perform on the track

Eliza Lawson, Vocalist.

Last year I tried an experiment with Eliza where she lefther comfort zone where you’d usually find her singing on soul, RnB and funk tracks and they experimented with some soundtrack music…the results were…really cool https://soundcloud.com/rich-mccoull/afterlife . So this was the perfect opportunity to try it again.

So, here's the first track 'Under the Gun' If all goes to plan, there'll be another in a months time :)