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FILM Composer

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I’ve been a professional composer for over 10 years. I love to write musical scores that can not only stand alone as pieces of music but most importantly interact and entwine with the onscreen action, helping immerse the audience into the plot. A music score should enhance and not distract from the storytelling and bring the pictures to life.  

I have always had an individual sound. I can write in many styles whether that is orchestral, hybrid, or something more leftfield, but I’ve always found, whether intentionally or not I leave my own stamp on my work. 

My experience working as part of the audio post team in a large post house helps me to fit smoothly as part of any audio post production team.  

My studio has a combination of analogue and digital mixing equipment which has a definite impact on the sonic qualities of my music. 

I’ve always enjoyed combining organic and hybrid sounds in a complimentary way, relishing the challenge of making them all exist within the same ‘space’ as the visual and narrative 


If you’d like to discuss a project don’t hesitate to get get in touch either by email, phone or arrange a time for me to call you back



“Working with Rich is an extremely collaborative experience that I have enjoyed for many years. His ability to generate high quality, innovative and powerful music scores with a quick turnaround, and integrate them within a state-of-the-art audio post workflow at The East Wing Studios, gives me confidence that the final delivery will always be of the highest standard whatever the project demands." 

- James Cook, Director  


“Rich is a hugely talented composer, he brought so much to ‘Why Hide’ that the score has been considered the main character.  Rich is easy to work with, good humoured & takes on board producer notes with grace and ease. I’m looking forward to working with him for the foreseeable future.“

- Karen Taylor Producer  

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