Composer for film and video games

Video Games Composer



I’ve always been fascinated with creating both interactive and linear music that compliments the narrative and responds to all the changes in environment and story immersing the player deeper into the game. Game audio has the ability to evoke so many reactions or emotions.   

For the linear elements of a score, I love memorable themes. Just little moment s of recognition that can appear and reappear tailored to different scenarios. This enhances the brand but also brings familiarity and a bond for the gamer with the game. 

My aim to is to compose interactive and dynamic music that not only makes musical sense but is tightly bound to every interaction or decision within a level. 

I’m a people person, so I love to cultivate long standing working relationships with a team. So we can develop a common language, understand each other’s workflows and develop trust to help explore new possibilities for the direction of the score. 

I’m happy taking direction from an audio team or sitting in the driving seat, whatever works best for a given situation but I’ll always try to bring my own individuality to the table.


If you’d like to discuss a project don’t hesitate to get get in touch either by email, phone or book a time in for me to call you back.



“Rich was an absolute joy to work with in composing the music score for EVE: Valkyrie. All our design meetings were focused, fun and incredibly productive. It’s rare to find a composer that can grasp the requirements of a project so quickly and provide so many ideas that are totally in synch with the creative pillars. His music ranged from epic and memorable orchestral themes to subtle ambience that matched the dynamic shifts in gameplay. The pace of this output ensured we never missed a deadline and the quality was always to such a high standard that he will be the first person we call for further projects.” 

- Andrew Willans, Lead Games Designer  Eve: Valkyrie


“Aside from being a great Composer Rich had a professional and flexible attitude towards our project requirements. He was able to fully comprehend our needs for what was a non-standard interactive music score for a leading VR games title. His work really helped to shape the success of the product and we look forward to working with him again”! 

Jon McCavish Audio Lead CCP Games